About us – Hourglass

We do not have much time.

The world as we know it and human life on Earth are suffering the effects of climate change. In either scenario, global warming will continue to happen. There is only one difference: the intensity of this change.

In the scenarios proposed by the IPCC, we can maintain warming to 1.5°C by 2100 if we radically change our way of life. Otherwise, it is possible that the global temperature will rise by 4°C in the same period.

It’s scary that climate change isn’t in all of our conversations, every day, at school, at work and in our families. Everyone will be affected – and already are! This is how the Hourglass project was born, a platform for content, reporting and promoting innovative solutions for climate change. It’s time to put the conversation on the table and discuss solutions.

This is not a war that can be won individually. We need to find allies and join efforts. Members of our Planet Reconstruction Plan contribute monthly to support those who tirelessly dedicate their lives to saving everyone’s.

We are partners with NGOs and institutions for reforestation, protection of indigenous life, of the oceans, of Arctic glaciers and for the preservation of species that are essential for the balance of the environment.

This is the greatest challenge that the human species has ever had to face. The time in our hourglass is running fast. We need everyone. And we won’t stop.