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Climate change effects: what we will see in this century

The climate change effects, in addition to the increase in temperature, involve the increase in droughts, hunger and infections on a global scale; as well as sea level rise, destruction of biomes and extinctions of many species.

Many of the results are expected to be seen by 2100 and some of them are already happening today. The intensity of these effects will depend on which scenario humanity chooses to embark on carbon emissions.

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Fortunately, the planet’s fate in terms of global warming is not fully defined. Everything will depend on the actions we will take this decade. Our actions will define the reality of people who are now children and adolescents, and they will be alive to face the consequences.

Climate change effects scenarios by 2100

According to the most recent report by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the worst-case scenario forecast is a 4 degrees increase in the earth’s temperature. This may seem like a little to someone unfamiliar with the topic, but for comparison: during the Ice Age, planet Earth was only 6 degrees celcius cooler than the current average temperature.

Even in the best-case scenario, the temperature will increase by at least 1.5 degrees celcius, which is enough to cause gigantic impacts on biomes, fauna and human life. Understand what will be the natural effects and indirect effects, social and economic problems caused by the natural impact if we do not adapt to a more sustainable production style.

Main effects of global warming and climate change

Climate change has a ripple effect in every corner of the planet. One event interferes with the other, creating a dystopian and difficult-to-survival scenario. Some of the main effects already observed by climate scientists are:

  • Change in the rain cycle
  • Desertification
  • Lethal heat
  • Sea ​​level rise
  • Species extinction
  • Permafrost Thawing
  • Hurricanes
  • Tsunamis
  • Fires

Indirect climate change effects

There are many natural consequences of climate change, however, we are all the time interacting with these phenomena, which impact our quality of life and health. See some of the indirect effects of the increase in global temperature that we are sure to suffer.

Loss of life

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Extreme events such as super storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, lethal heat and fires are expected to lead to a great loss of human life. This, along with the possible new infections released by thawing Permafrost, could mean the end of the line for many people.

Mass migrations

As the fertile land dwindles, people around the world who live in rural areas will need to migrate to cities in search of work and food. The same should happen with those who are evicted due to rising sea levels and more frequent tsunamis, which should make life very difficult in coastal regions.

Lack of food

Without so many places available for planting because of fires and desertification, it will be a very difficult task to generate enough food for the peak of 9 billion people that we must reach this century, before the predicted population drop around 2100 caused by the fall. birth rate in many countries.


With altered rainfall flows and long periods of drought in many regions, people who depend on hydroelectric energy must be prepared for constant blackouts, which must have several negative effects on the operation of hospitals, schools, offices, factories and on the quality of life of the general population.


According to a study by the Public Security Bulletin, crime has a direct correlation with inequality. The more unequal a territory is economically, the greater is the rate of people who resort to activities outside the legality to pay for their survival, as they are pushed to the margins of the productive system.


With no food production, no available electricity and more people without jobs and without homes, both caused by constant emergency migrations, it is impossible to maintain the pace of economic growth so desired by government officials.

How to prevent climate change effects (while we can)

This is a very sensitive topic and these consequences can be crippling for many people who have no idea how to help in this mission that belongs to us all.

It is very important to know that, although positive, individual actions do not have the capacity by themselves to solve the problem. It is necessary to attack the problem in a macro way to have any chance of resolution.

Basically, two things need to be done: 1) carbon emissions need to be zeroed out, to prevent temperatures from continuing to rise; 2) it is necessary to find ways to eliminate the gases that we have already released into the atmosphere, so that it is possible to reverse the process.

How can I help on climate change?

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This is not the kind of problem that you can change somethings and fix it.

Of course, it’s super nice to be more responsible with your choices, such as using less car, replacing meat with plant-based food, but you alone changing habits can’t save the world. 

We need to get allies and support people who are dedicating their lives to save our whole planet. 

If you really wanna help, we recommend you to know the Hourglass planet healing program, that helps prestigious institutions and NGOs to do their job. 

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