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Donate to climate change with only $1

Yes! You can donate to climate change and make a difference to save the world with only one dollar! Get to know our Planet Healing program!

The Hourglass project was created because we have no time do save the world. This is our very last decade to do something and avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

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Donating to Hourglass project, you can contribute to several NGOs at the same time:

  • Reforestation: We help the Amazon Forest major project, which can guarantee us to capture the CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Solar energy: There’s no society without eletricity. There’s no futre without clean energy. We support Remote Energy, a NGO that prepare professionals to install and develop solar energy massively.
  • Preservation of endangered species: We’re loosing, every day, animals that are fundamental to the global ecossystem. We need to proctect them from the massive extinction. Help us to support sanctuaries and save animals.
  • Cleaning the oceans: Without marine life, there’s no life on Earth. More than 50% of our oxygen is produced under water. If we don’t save the oceans, it will be impossible to save ourselves.
  • Protect indigenous communities: Indigenous people are the front line of forest defense around the globe. They need our help to fight against companies that aim to burn our natural resources down in order to get profit.

Donate to climate change: what’s the reward?

On top of being in the right side of the history, and helping saving our world, the Hourglass team will send you a newsletter with the updates on these NGOs actions, how we’re making the difference every month to build a better world for all.

How to donate?

You can contribute to our project here.

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