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Poster for climate change: 17 ideas, drawings and slogans 

Looking for inspiration? See examples and lear to make a poster for climate change from scratch. In this list, you will find posters with drawings, slogans and some good ideas for building your own.

Posters are very useful for you to stick around town or simply use digital art to campaign on websites or social media, on your own, for a good powerpoint presentation in your sustainability-themed company.

Poster for climate change drawings 

1 — Melted globe

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Our planet doesn’t need to be saved from climate change — we do. This is a powerful image that shows how the effects of excess carbon and solar radiation can simply melt our planet.

It’s a metaphor that shows an ordinary globe, like those we find in schools, but the part where planet Earth should be is completely melted.

This is a good poster idea if you want to make a big impact on climate change.

2 — The hourglass

Our time to reverse the climate crisis is running out. In this poster idea, there is an hourglass (which gives the name to this project) and nature running down like sand.

How to fight climate change before the world ends

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At the top, the forests, trees and everything that nature has given us to keep the climate in balance. At the bottom, we have a dystopian scenario, with only buildings and no blueprints.

This drawing shows us that we need to act quickly to save the environment.

3 —  Orange juice – planet earth

Do you like orange juice? This global warming poster idea features our own planet being utilized to its fullest.

The hand of the drawing represents companies, which use the world and extract from it everything they want without hesitation, passing nature through a juicer.

At the other end, the only thing that seems to matter to climate deniers is coming out: oil.

Oil, for many decades, has been the priority, as it represents economic growth that does not care about climate change.

4 — Earth as an melting icecream

A good visual metaphor speaks a thousand words. In this example, we have a poster about the climate crisis that represents ice cream melting — just like Arctic ice.

Instead of a delicious scoop of ice cream, what’s melting is our planet, with oceans and continents crumbling to the ground.

This illustration represents the process we are experiencing of loss of our fauna, flora and biodiversity that planet Earth has.

5 — Whale with a plastic bag – Plastic Ocean

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Pollution of the seas is a big sign of global warming. In this poster idea, we can see a sad scene, with a whale’s tail above the sea and a plastic bag hanging from it.

For those who watched the documentary Plastic Oceans, you know that our culture of excessive consumption has made garbage fill the sea.

We currently have entire islands of plastic in the oceans, and recently scientists have discovered in analysis that there is microplastic even in our blood.

6 — Plastic turtle

The biggest predator in the sea is no longer the shark, it’s plastic. This poster shows the giant impact of climate change.

We have broken the marine food chain, not just with our overfishing, but with the immense amount of garbage and plastic we dump into the oceans.

For those who don’t know, predatory fishing consists of throwing a giant net into the sea that catches a huge amount of fish at once.

However, this technique fishes together several species of seafood and corals, which are essential for the balance of life in the sea.

This poster shows how we are being true villains of the ecosystem.

7 — Earth barbecue

Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? In this illustration of global warming we see planet earth hoisted up like barbecue meat.

Warming this fire, we have exactly the same ingredient as always: coal.

The difference is that here it is coal that powers the engines of the factories, which throw tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

8 —Money tree

There’s a speech on global warming that says: if you think the economy is more important than the environment, try counting your money while holding your breath.

This poster shows how bad deforestation is for the health of the environment.

The wood logs become currency in the hands of big businessmen, who finance this deforestation to generate coal that becomes fuel for the machinery in the factories.

9 —  Child begging for water

Water scarcity is one of the great challenges of the climate crisis. Our changes to the environment have completely changed the rainfall cycle.

This imbalance brings as a consequence long periods of drought, which empty water reservoirs around the world, generating an unprecedented water crisis.

We see a poster with a very strong image of a thirsty child trying to get at least a drop of water.

Meanwhile, there are other hands, perhaps from other children trying to compete for those remaining drops of water.

10 —  Iceberg

We all know icebergs. Since the Titanic, we have been aware of these immense boulders of ice that are capable of shattering entire ships.

These ice islands are the natural habitat of species such as polar bears and penguins.

In this illustration about global warming we see two scared penguins, on top of an iceberg but, in fact, the iceberg is a plastic bag.

The image sheds light on two problems: the melting of the polar ice caps, which are killing entire species of penguins, and ocean plastic, a decisive factor in the crisis in marine life.

11 —  Wildfire and animals

A major problem of global warming is forest fires. Our greatest source of biodiversity on earth are forests and they are suffering.

The increase in the fire rate is caused by the drier climate, as deforestation directly interferes with the rainfall cycle.

Fires also happen because the dry climate is combined with high temperatures, forming the perfect formula for fires of natural causes.

It is important to say that this poster on global warming also denounces an important challenge. In some territories, such as the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, there are miners who start criminal fires, with the aim of ravaging the land and using it for cattle ranching.

12 — Growing plant

This is the most positive poster idea on the list. While the problems of climate change are complex and immense, we can still make a difference.

Reforestation, awareness, clean electricity and the end of burning fossil fuels. This poster reminds us that our goal must be to plant a better future.

Poster for climate change with slogan

13 — There’s still time

This poster shows planet Earth in a tricky situation. Squeezed into an hourglass, with a red background, we see our time running out.

The slogan reminds us that our generation is the last that can make an effective change so that global warming does not reach extreme levels.

We can contain the damage and even reverse what carbon emissions have caused, we just need to focus on solutions.

14 — Solution, not pollution 

What do we do when we have a big problem in our lives? It’s no use standing still or complaining, we need to think of solutions.

So it is with climate change. This poster slogan reminds us that we need to look for solutions and not new ways to pollute the soil, seas and air.

The faster we act, the faster we can find ways out of the crisis we are experiencing.

15 — Stop global warming!

This needs to be our motto. With this sentence, we have only one request and one demand: we need to change!

From this sentence we can think: how to stop global warming? We have little time to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change, but for that we need to change fast.

16 — There’s no planet B 

A powerful slogan against the environmental crisis. There is no planet B!

Often, when facing a bad situation, we need to think of different strategies and consider various scenarios to find good solutions.

In the case of the planet’s temperature, there is nowhere to run. There is only one way out.

There are many people who are blindly denying the changes that are already happening around the world, but the fact is that we need to act. This is our planet and we need to save it.

17 — The climate is changing, why aren’t we? 

The climate is really changing. These changes are the fault of our actions. Why aren’t we changing?

We need to change our way of thinking, working and consuming.

We need to think in a more sustainable and ecological way. It’s no use making small changes to our homes while those responsible, large companies, continue to issue tones of carbon every day.

How can we effect widespread change quickly?

If the problem is the economy, we need to adapt to the green economy and be agents of change so that the environment can recover.

This slogan reminds us that we need to save the planet for future generations.

Poster for climate change making

The subject “climate change” is very serious and complex and for you to create a good poster on this subject, we have selected some tips for you to avoid common mistakes that can harm your project.

Tips to create a good image or poster to talk about global warming:

  • Choose wisely the size. Printed posters are usually made in A2, a size that is large enough to be viewed when printed.
  •  Powerful image choices. A poster must get the message across within seconds, otherwise it may go unnoticed. Using good visual metaphors — like the earth melting like ice cream — can make an impact and draw attention.
  •  Choose a good title for the poster. Your art needs to be understood easily. If you write entire paragraphs to explain what the climate crisis is, maybe no one will read it.
  •  Insert borders in the information. If you need to add some useful information, such as the date of a protest or a climate conference, place this information highlighted and with a border, so that it is easy to see.
  • Avoid polluting the image. Think of a slogan about it and place it legibly on the poster. You don’t want it to become a visual clutter.
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