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Global warming essay +500 words: example and expert tips 

Need help to write? This global warming essay has 500 words and is the perfect example of how you can write your text considering the major factors that contribute to the climate crisis.

Afterwards, you’re also going to find some tips on topics to make a perfect essay on climate change, so that you can talk about this matter “as an expert”.

Global warming essay 

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Global warming as a problem is something historically recent. The Earth has always had moments of natural heating and cooling, caused by variations in the solar cycle. However, this became a problem in the Industrial Revolution, with the emergence of coal-fired machines and factories, where there were several machines that needed fuel.

This process helped society to evolve and produce more efficiently, but it was also very negative for the environment because of carbon dioxide, one of the greenhouse gasses.

From that period to the present day, the human population has grown in number, reaching 8 billion people and our model of life and work, super connected by the internet, depends 100% on electrical energy, which continues to be produced aggressively for the planet. 

What is the greenhouse effect?

Common sense associates the greenhouse effect with global warming, but this effect has existed since the birth of the Earth and was essential for life.

The greenhouse effect happens because there is an ozone layer around the planet, which in addition to protecting us from solar radiation, still maintains a small part of the solar heat on Earth, preventing temperature extremes.

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Gasses like carbon dioxide have the power to retain heat within themselves. So when carbon dioxide emissions increased since the Industrial Revolution, the temperature started to rise.

The role of deforestation in climate change

Along with rising emissions, deforestation was another big factor in the global warming crisis. The breathing process of trees absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and turns it into oxygen. With fewer trees, more carbon and more heat.

As a consequence of this temperature increase, arctic ice is melting, sea levels are rising, permafrost (ice layer that accumulates tons of carbon below the ground) is melting and, in addition, extreme events such as fires, tornadoes and floods are increasing.

Global warming solutions

To fight global warming, we need to work with two levers: stop putting more carbon into the atmosphere and find alternatives to capture the carbon that has already been spread.

In reducing emissions, we have some safe alternatives, such as solar panels in energy generation. The panels are a safe and renewable source, which leaves no residue for energy generation. Another important measure is the adoption of electric cars, without the use of gasoline, which comes from oil, a major villain of global warming.

It is important to remember that individual actions are unlikely to have a major impact on the temperature rise. Examples like stopping eating meat or composting at home make no difference while there are large companies irresponsibly producing billions of tons in the name of economic growth.

Ending the use of fossil fuels and generating electricity from clean and renewable sources like solar panel for home are the biggest challenges to winning the fight, but cultural changes such as mass recycling and reforestation are also essential to fight the climate crisis.

How to do a good global warming essay? (300 or more words) 

Climate change is a very serious subject, so you have to pay attention to some thing when you write about it. Here is a list of things that you should bring in your essay: 

  • historical context
  • the difference between the natural causes and human causes on global warming 
  • what are the gasses involved in climate change
  • what are the habits that contribute to it
  • what are the effect of global warming currently
  • what are the predictions on global warming for the next years
  • why is important to act on climate crisis
  • solutions or how can we stop global warming. 

FAQ on global warming for your essays

This is a very complex subject and, for this reason, the Hourglass team answered the most frequent questions about climate change, so that you can have a basis to write your articles.

What is global warming? 

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The global warming definition is the dangerous heating process Earth is going through, caused by the excess of carbon dioxide emissions in the last 200 years. This process can raise the average temperature from 1.5 to 5 celsius degrees until 2100 and will cause significant devastation in several species, including humans. 

What are the effects of global warming? 

The effects include the sea level rise, floods, lethal heat waves, ice melting in the arctic, wildfires, Permafrost melting and more frequent extreme events such as tornadoes and tsunamis.

Global warming vs greenhouse effect: what’s the difference?

The greenhouse effect is a natural process that helps the Earth to keep the temperature in acceptable levels. It has always been here. Global warming is a process caused by humans by carbon emissions, which increases the temperature and — that is maintained in the atmosphere because of the greenhouse effect.

Which gasses are responsible for the global warming? 

Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Sulfur Hexafluoride.

How can we stop climate change? 

We need to stop our carbon emissions and we have to figure it out how to erase the amount of carbon we already left in the atmosphere. For this, we need to chance the way we produce electric energy and the fuel for cars and factory machines. To “clean” the atmosphere, we need to make conscious reforestation all around the globe. 

For more information about the climate crises, please check the official IPPC website. 

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