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Solar panel for home: investigating this power source

So, everyone is talking about about using a solar panel for home right now, right? Of course, there are many benefits to using a solar power panel to support your home or work. Including financial benefits.

In this text from Hourglass you can check some facts about solar energy, and how you can take advantage of solar panels, but, before, let’s talk about safety.

Solar panel explodes and almost burn down this man’s house

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This story happened to Austin Nathaniel, a Texas father who decided to install solar panels on his home to save some money.

“They contacted another guy, who ran and cut the power off and jumped up on the roof with a hose and actually sprayed it out. My child sleeps right underneath that, which is terrifying,” said Nathaniel, that was not in home when the accident happened.

Are solar panels safe?

We know that this case is super scary and raises a red flag about solar energy, but you don’t need to worry!

In fact, accidents like this can happen to any house with any kind of eletricity source.

Accroding to the National Fire Protection Association, what happened to Nathaniel is extremely rare.

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The odds of a solar panel catch fire or explode, the same way this one did in Texas, is about 1 in every 10 thousand cases.

Before hiring this service, please make sure that you’re dealing with a professional company, that uses high quality materials and have a qualified team to install you solar panels for home.

Benefits of solar panels for your home

If you haven’t yet convinced yourself to join the green economy, I’m sorry to say that you’re a little late.

Did you know that the radiation emitted by the sun on planet Earth is capable of providing energy for 24 years?

Before you think this is some kind of scam, take a look at the benefits of using solar power:

Saving on the electricity bill

I wouldn’t complain about saving a fortune on energy bills, would you?

You don’t need to be an electrical expert to understand where these savings come from.

Generating energy from fossil fuels is very costly. The mining, preparation and burning of these fuels depends on a huge structure. This structure has a cost. Guess who pays for it? Yes, you.

Solar energy panels create savings simply by taking the middleman out of the equation. You do not need any other company to distribute energy for you: you will generate your own.

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You may be thinking: this is impossible, solar panels are too expensive.

But you have to take the long view in this situation. Although installing solar panels is currently more expensive than using traditional energy, the savings come in the long run.

According to The Ascent website, using photovoltaic panels starts to pay off financially after 5 years of use in some states. It all depends on the degree of solar exposure of your location.

In an average scenario, it takes 6 to 9 years for you to have a return on investment, and in the worst case scenario, you will have a full return on the amount invested in 12 years.

But since not everything is about money, it is important to remember that solar energy is a clean and renewable source of electricity, and is also extremely efficient.

How do solar panel savings work?

While installing the panels on your home may be expensive, your energy bills will be infinitely cheaper.

On average, American families can save anywhere from $10,000 to $90,000 annually. This, of course, depends on the energy demand, the size of the roof, and the solar exposure in your area.

As a reference, you can look at this table from the Energysage website with the savings levels for some american states:

New Jersey$13,213$0.17$41,398
New York$15,662$0.24$61,437
U.S. Total$13,213$0.16$38,186

Reduce your carbon footprint with solar panel for home

If you are reading this Houglass article, I like to believe that you are concerned about the environmental impact you leave on this planet.

In case this is true, we have great news. You can greatly reduce your carbon footprint by using solar energy and help to fight climate change.

Did you know that of all the CO2 emitted in the United States, 73% is related to the energy sector? Homes, offices, hospitals, markets, industries and transportation: all the essential functions of our lives are related to fossil fuels.

Solar energy is a clean, sustainable source, leaves no carbon footprint, and the panels last about 25 to 30 years, generating far less waste than traditional models such as coal.

Adding value to your property

Hello investors, this one is for you!

Real estate is one of the most profitable sectors of capitalism (let’s ignore 2008, okay?).

Buying homes for resale is a common practice in this market, and if you have your eye on the future, get ready: according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), homes that use solar energy tend to sell faster and at much higher profits than “traditional” homes.

In addition to already being compliant with new policies and helping to achieve net zero, these homes also offer a better experience for residents.

After all, without the dependence on power distributors, residents are less exposed to power outages or the price fluctuations that power companies eventually impose on their consumers.

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