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Quotes for solar panels: 28 inspiring quotes about solar energy

Looking for some inspiring quotes for solar panels? The Hourglass team selected the 28 top solar panel quotes online to inspire you.

Here you’ll find politicians, scientists, celebrities and more quotes about solar energy. Use it carefully!

Celebrity quotes for solar panels

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Check some quotes from celebrities about solar panels and solar energy:

“We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel when we should be using Natures inexhaustible sources of energy – sun, wind and tide. … I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” — Thomas Edison

“Solar power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet – nobody taxes the sun yet.” — Bonnie Rait

All energy is ultimately derived from the sun, and harvesting it directly through solar power seems to be the best way to transition to renewable energy – All energy is ultimately derived from the sun, and harvesting it directly through solar power seems to be the best way to transition to renewable energy” — Peter Rive

“The whole idea of the solar project is to do something useful and replace dirty energy with clean energy.” — Nick Kelly

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“My house is solar powered. I tell Republicans, ‘You can hate the subsidies – I hate the subsidies, too – but you can’t hate solar panels.” — Thomas Massie

“Scientists will eventually stop flailing around with solar power and focus their efforts on harnessing the only truly unlimited source of energy on the planet: stupidity. I predict that in the future, scientists will learn how to convert stupidity into clean fuel.” — Scott Adams 

“The holy grail… is being able to store solar energy for use when the sun isn’t out.” — Julie Franz

“For every family in liberal San Francisco that went solar with SunRun in 2010, nearly eight families in more conservative Fresno made the switch to our solar power service.” — Lynn Jurich

“We need to drive the cost of solar energy down to where it’s competitive for bulk power generation.” — Jim Dipeso

Best solar panel quotes online

It doesn’t matter if you need a sentence or a whole paragraph, here you can find the best solar panel quotes to use for solar energy companies, essays or posters. Choose your favorites and let’s fight for climate justice:

“The use of solar energy offers huge potential for natural resources and climate protection, and for the expansion of renewable energies on the road to a future-oriented energy supply”  — Margareta Wolf

“Solar power, wind power, the way forward is to collaborate with nature – it’s the only way we are going to get to the other end of the 21st century.” — Bjork

“Because we are now running out of gas and oil, we must prepare quickly for a third change, to strict conservation and to the use of coal and permanent renewable energy sources, like solar power.” — Jimmy Carter

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“America is home to the best researchers, advanced manufacturers, and entrepreneurs in the world. There is no reason we cannot lead the planet in manufacturing solar panels and wind turbines, engineering the smart energy grid, and inspiring the next great companies that will be the titans of a new green energy economy.” — Brad Schneider

 “Solar power is going to be absolutely essential to meeting growing energy demands while staving off climate change.”  — Ramez Naam

“Every 24 hours, enough sunlight touches the Earth to provide energy for the entire planet for 24 years.”   — Martha Maeda

“Clearly, we need more incentives to quickly increase the use of wind and solar power; they will cut costs, increase our energy independence and our national security and reduce the consequences of global warming.”   — Hillary Rodham 

“While at least 20 states still burn fossil fuels for their electrical grid, solar energy is on the rise across the country. This is not only because of the newer understanding of why alternative energy is so important for the environment, but because ease of installation and overall cost has become more user-friendly; installing panels on your rooftop is no longer reserved for the wealthy or the corporate franchises.” — Daniel Matthews

“The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun.” — Ralph Nader

“Solar power is a safe form of nuclear energy. We are using fusion reactions that are 93 million miles away to make light that we then convert to electricity with photovoltaic modules.” — Sean White

“We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky called the sun; you don’t have to do anything, it just works. It shows up every day.” — Elon Musk, from Tesla

“The sun–that power plant in the sky–bathes Earth in ample energy to fulfill all the world’s power needs many times over. It doesn’t give off carbon dioxide emissions. It won’t run out. And it’s free.” — Susannah Locke

“On the Earth’s surface, solar power is also handicapped because it is intermittent. A 1000-megawatt coal, gas, or nuclear power station needs only a few acres (or hectares) of land and operates day and night. A 1000-megawatt solar power station occupies square miles (or square kilometers) and works only in the daytime. Even so, the dream of producing electric power from sunlight on a massive scale won’t die. Solar cells have been used to power satellites and space probes for decades. Someday, they may help to power a moon base. Unlike the situation on Earth, sunlight shines constantly in space, and the idea of deploying enormous solar cell arrays in near-Earth orbit and sending the electric power they generate to Earth using microwave transmitters was suggested more than 40 years ago by the Czech-American scientist and engineer Peter Glaser.” –Franklin Hadley Cock

“It’s encouraging to know that you’re doing your fair share to mitigate global warming. It’s comforting to know your future is more secure. And let’s face it: Solar power is cool. When you put panels on your roof, people notice, and they’ll be nicer to you. Well, maybe…” — Rik Degunther

“Though the initial cost may be partially offset by tax credits or the opportunity to sell excess electricity to a local utility, the cost of converting your home to solar power is hard to justify in purely monetary terms. Nevertheless, an increasing number of homeowners are opting for solar power.” — Martha Maeda

“There has been a systematic repression of solar energy. It seems pretty funny to me that the government, if it is completely neutral–why wouldn’t they pursue this far safer alternative of solar energy with the same intent that they pursue nuclear energy? Solar power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet–nobody taxes the sun yet” – Bonnie Raitt 

(Just updating this last one, we do tax the sun already. Everything is fine). 

“It would be great some day to have astronauts in a rover on Mars. But just about anyone except an oil company executive would say its more important to have 50 million solar powered vehicles in the United States.”  – Brad Sherman 

“There is no shortage of solar and wind energy … and prices are rapidly falling. We can build a clean energy future at modest cost if we want to.” – Andrew Blakers

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