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Solar energy

Solar panel cleaning service: must read before hiring

Adopting solar energy solutions brings a maintenance questios: should I look for a solar panel cleaning service or do it myself? Did you know...

Global warming

How are fossil fuels formed?

If you didn't come from another planet, you have certainly heard about fossil fuels, both for good and for bad, but how are fossil...

The greenhouse effect diagram: global warming hidden engine

The greenhouse effect diagram explains in a simple drawing how global warming is possible. The image below makes clear why we're facing climate change...

Deforestation of rainforests: is it getting better?

Rainforests as amazing. They are beautiful, full of colorful animals and biodiversity - but the deforestation of rainforests is far from this daydream. The...

Is CO2 polar or nonpolar? Revealing this GHG behavior

Carbon dioxide is all over the news because of climate change. Do you know if is CO2 polar or nonpolar? Let's understand this gas...

Global warming effects on the earth

Nature is not healing and global warming effects on the earth are far worse than once predicted: floods, wildfires, lethal heat waves are just...

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Understand global warming

Top engagement

Electric car charger time: models comparison and how to calculate

Your electric car charger time depends on some factors. The U.S. average for Level 1 chargers is about 40-50 hours to charging an EV, but...
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Climate change

Climate and weather differences: climate change isn’t sunny

It's an honest mistake, but climate and weather are not in the same bag. I could bet that you already heard a climate denier...

Ocean warming effects: without seas, there’s no humans

The ocean warming is a alarming symptom of climate change.Unfortunately, this problem has a global scale and has undeniable negative effects not only on...


Planet healing

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